NYC Locksmith Take On High Security Locks vs. Inexpensive Kwikset Locks

NYC Locksmith Take On High Security Locks vs. Inexpensive Kwikset Locks

The best NYC Locksmith provides a vast line of locks for property owners to choose from. These include high security locks and inexpensive Kwikset locks. Both models provide different lock types that include deadbolts, keypads, and doorknobs. Nevertheless, it is important to compare high security locks against the inexpensive Kwikset locks when making your buying decision. To make a better comparison, it’s important to consider how these locks are designed to serve their purpose.

Bolt size

The bolt of a lock refers to the part that keeps the door closed after locking the lock. As such, bolt plays a very important role of keeping the door secure. When a door is forced with a crowbar or kicked open, the bolt holds it in place. Therefore, the longer and stronger the bolt, the harder prying or kicking the door open is.

High security locks have a larger and stronger bolt than Kwikset locks. This size makes the bolt sit snugger in the plate and on the door frame. This leaves a lesser room for the door to jiggle.

Lock housing

Lock housing refers to a metal part that encases or surrounds the lock’s cylinder. To break into a property, burglars drill through the housing to engage the interior mechanism of a lock directly. A lock that has a sturdier and stronger housing is therefore harder to drill through. Thus, it makes it harder for burglars to reach and engage the interior mechanism.

High security locks have a solid, thick housing. This protects their cylinder while ensuring that there are no hollow areas. On the other hand, Kwikset locks have a lighter and hollow deadbolt. This makes it easier for burglars to drill through. High security locks have significantly heavier lock housing. This attribute makes it sturdier and resistant to any form of forced entry. It’s therefore easy to understand why any NYC Locksmith Pros recommends high security locks.
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Drill resistant plate

This is a thin steel plate that is located close to the front side of a lock. Drilling this plate is almost impossible. The plate is responsible for protecting screws that keep the lock together. Although this plate can be removed, it makes compromising a lock harder. High security locks come with a deadbolt housing that is completely drill-resistant. That means with high security locks, exposing screws is virtually impossible. What’s more, the cylinder has a face that is guarded by a drill resistant plate. This makes drilling through high security locks incredibly hard.

Kwikset locks on the other had do not come with a drill resistant plate on their housing. That means it’s easy for burglars to drill them open. In fact, burglars can drill the screws or cylinders of Kwikset locks with ease.

Screw size

A screw is very important in any lock. Many intruders gain entry into properties by drilling the screw of a lock. After drilling the screw, the lock falls off giving the intruder access to the lock’s bolt. High security locks have screws that are protected by a metal plate that is drill resistant. On the other hand, Kwikset locks do not have a drill resistant plate protecting their screws. What’s more, their screws are thinner than those of high security locks.

Clearly, high security locks are better than inexpensive Kwikset locks. Therefore, to enhance security in your property, ask your NYC Locksmith to install high security locks.